Pistol extension

Can be used instead of the pistol nipple. 

  • Better handling of the pistol by larger contact surface (especially with firefighter gloves).
  • Especially recommended for PVC hose lines  (lessens bending of the hose during use of the pistol).
  • By selecting different inner diameters, the rate of discharge of the fire extinguisher can be regulated.
  • The pistol extensions are available in different versions, threaded or collared, with different outer geometries and are made of black Nylon 6.
B C D E F form connection item number
21,4 9,3 28 51,2 14,9 concave collared S-PIVL-MU1-10-95  *)
33,2 10 28 47,4 15,3 straight collared S-PIVL-NST-10-95
25 10 28 49,5 14,5 straight M18x1,5 S-PIVL-ST-KU-18/10
*)...already exclusively reserved in France