Handle mounting

Notched pin

The pin attaches the handle to the pistol body according to DIN 1475 and is offered in 2 material qualities.

  • Blue zinc-plated steel (9SMnPb28K)
  • Stainless steel (1.4305)

Tubular rivet

The tubular rivet attaches the pistol handle to the body according to DIN 7340 form B and is made of brass, copper- and nickel plated.

With the rivet the pistol handle is inseparably attached to the pistol body. 
Removal of the handle by unauthorized persons is not possible.


Notched Pin
L D material item number
25 4 steel, zinc plated   D-KBST-4x25
25 4 stainless steel D-KBST-4x25-INOX
30 4 steel, zinc plated D-KBST-4x30
30 4 stainless steel D-KBST-4x30-INOX


Tubular rivet
L D material item number
25 4 brass, nickel plated D-NIET-4x0,5x25-VN
26 4 brass, nickel plated D-NIET-4x0,5x26-VN
28 4 brass, nickel plated    D-NIET-4x0,5x28-VN